Monday, May 29, 2006

A - Little crisis

I have say that currently I am experiencing a small crisis.

- again absolutely no money
- cell phone is off
- mortgage payment is late
- car leasing payment is late
- rent payment is late
- everything else is late too
- the new job I have is extremely boring
- this blog is having no traffic
- my wife and I keep on fighting
- I find it extremely hard to force myself into writing this blog

Hopefully it will all pick up again.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

D - Lazy weekend

This was a very lazy weekend for me. On Friday evening was invited to a late lunch by two of my rich friends who arrived in their Lamborgini and Ferrari.

On Saturday I went to a public political meeting because we have some big elections this year. Also on Saturday evening I had an evening coffee with my political partner and we thought of some strategies how to proceed in the upcoming weeks. I think it will be very interesting.

Today I just laid in bed and made some music on my computer. Later in the afternoon went for a walk with my son and my wife.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A - Religion

I believe that there is something greater above us all, something that will never understand, but something that was is and will be, that understands us and which we are part of.

Some call it God, some call it Allah, some call it the divine energy, some call....they all call something different but it is the same thing.

Than all religions have a rule that you should definitely like, love or at least try to respect other human beings.

This is what I believe in. Everything else, churches, mosks, what you should eat, what you wear, when and where you should pray. Those are all human rules made in the past by humans trying to control the crowd.

In fact, I am upset at the Church e.g. the Pope, because they all symbolize to me, what happens when people take something beautiful into their hands and do whatever they want with it.


A - Situation in my political arena

I am a member of a political party in a city that has over million people. The city is divided into what we call areas. My area has about 150,000 residents. Each area is divided into district and each district has its, I'll call it local party club. My area has 8 districts, so 8 clubs.

Currently the 8 clubs are divided into two halves. 4 and 4. Both sides extremely hate each other and they both want the other to leave politics. I am currently in a half that has a slight majority.

Since I am new, both sides in the area view me as someone who is intelligent, objective and neutral.

The half that is against my half had several meetings with me and they try to convince me to come over to them.

I am very strong in my beliefs and I am not a back stabber, but their argument is that one of the leaders in my half will be taken down, because they are going to publish big evidence that he takes bribes.

When I talk to this leader, he says that it is all made up.

So currently I am standing at a big decision, should I stay where I am, and hope that the leader will not be shot down with the risk that if he is taken down I am going with him.

Or should I go to the other side and wait for them to take him down, with the risk that they will not take him down and I will be left on the other side.

Time will show...


D - At least few bucks

I had really no money at all two days ago. Fortunately a friend of mine lend me about 30 EURO. From this money I, and my family, lived for the past two days. Right now we have about one third from it.

Yesterday an important step for two of my friends happen when they met with police and we are meeting again on Friday and this could be good.

Also today I am meeting with my political friend whom I'm helping with something, there should be some money from it two. I also want to discuss with him an important political step that we could take, which would seriously solve the situation in our political district.

Later in the evening I will play soccer which I try to do every Thursday, but still have to check with my wife if it is ok.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I - Negotiating

I use a two step approach which works well for me, and my results in politics are prove of that and in my future blog entries you can find concrete examples of it.

Let's play a scenario of an important political meeting and negotiation.

Step I. - Feed the data

I get all the data I can get about the person. By this, I mean talking to my friends about this person. People who know this person, people who do not know this person but might have an opinion. I even talk about the upcoming meeting with various friends of mine and discuss various approaches and get their feedback. I just keep getting the information. I am not really judging it, but I let it freely enter my mind.

Step II. - Intuition

Even when I enter the meeting, I do not know how I am going to react. I am very relax, and I trust myself. I repeat to myself that what I am doing or suggesting or want to achieve is a good thing and than I let my intuition to guide me and it works!

Key points:

- I must be relaxed
- I must have faith in my intuition
- I must gather the data prior the meeting (even though sometimes it can go without)
- I feel that I am the best negotiator in the world

One article I found helpful was the following from Dr. Robert Anthony Doing without doing
I am going to tie to this topic with my future blog entry about speech making.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The next few entries

In order for you, the reader have a sense of who I am and what I do and where I am going and hopefully what you can gain from my experience. I will put here a plan on how I want to structure the blog entries.

I want to divide them into the following.

It will describe the daily events as they took place and it will start with a capital "D".

- diaries will be coming as the life in front of me unfolds

It will provide a certain analysis of a concrete area of life, problem or a thinking process and it will start with a capital "A".

The upcoming analysis I have to write are the following

- me and finances
- me and politics
- me and family
- me and leasure time
- me and job
- me and other money making activities
- me and my goals

It will talk about a certain lesson that I have learned from a concrete samples and of course will start with a capital "I".

The upcoming insights I have to write are the following

- dealing with people
- speaking in front of people
- making a speech

This will be about my comments on certain situations and things I see in the world around me.

The upcoming comments I have to write are the following

- world religions
- politic parties

From what I have written so far, I can feel that the style of my writing and the way I express myself here will be evolving into the most ideal form.

I can right now feel that it is still a bit chaotic but eventually it will have its way.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Police inspection

I just had a coffee form breakfast with my wife and we got into an argument. It is sad but quite reasonable. We have no money at all. And when I say no money I mean not even 5 bucks. This puts a lot of stress on the family. In my next blog entry I am going to describe what led into this financial situation.

Anyhow, I have no money but we have to eat something. Fortunetely I should be able to get some money from a friend. This friend got into a problem that someone was got his personal info and info from a police database and gave it to several people who than asked my friend to resign from certain positions.

Since a lot of the info in the material was changed, my friend placed a charge to an unknown suspect for getting the materials out of the database and for changing them.

This is of course being done by police but also the police inspection has to find out who got it out of the database.

I was able to find, through my contacts, the person at the inspection who is responsible for it and who will communicate with my friend on the side, because the police is quite sensitive regarding matters where politics is involved. And here politics is involved.

For this, my friend will give me few bucks which I then pass to my contacts. This is nothing like a bribe, the money goes to my contact who communicates with the inspection. He communicates through lunches and dinners for which he pays and for this goes the money.

However, I am pretty sure that I could have about 20% of this money, which would help me to get through the next week.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yesterday's politics

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had two interesting political meetings.

I am a member of a political party. The structure of the party is that we have local groups, each group containing about 50-80 people. These local groups are grouped into district. Our district has 8 group, containing 500 party members. Our district has about 140,000 people living in it.

As I mentioned in Who am I? Even though I joined the party five years back, I became active only in November, so I came into a district that was completly split into two half. One half having a slight majority over the other. And both really hating each other, trying to destroy by all means, legal and illegal.

Since I am new and I can say I have my group under control, and I am part of the half that has the majority. The half that is not in power right now is trying to get me on their side.

So yesterday I met with Zig Samuelson, who is the leader of the minor group. He told me that they are preparing a huge attack on Vart Sanders who is the leader of the half that I am part of and that the attack which will be huge will bring him down.

See, the elections are coming and Vart who is now the Vice-Mayor wants to be the mayor. Even though Zig didn't tell me the details of the attack it should be probably that they will find witnesses who will say that Vart took bribes from private companies.

Last night I met with Olaf Paterson, who is a good friend of mine and Vart's partner also. We talked about possible threats on Vart, and Olaf feels that we have resist fight.

As for me, I had a phone call with Vart who wants to meet with me over the weekend. And just so you know, I am one of the candidates for the city hall in the up coming elections. But we still have not had the primaries.

So the question is, should I stay in Vart's group or should I go into Zig's group?


Who am I?

I am a 29 year old, using the nickname George Anderson. I live somewhere in Europe in a country that by the world standards is not that bad, but by the US standards could be better.

I am married. My wife is 40 years old and I have three kids. Two of the kids are from my wife's first marriage. A girl, she would say young lady, who is now 16 a boy who is 10. The youngest one is mine, he even looks like me;-), and he is four years old.

As I am going to describe bellow, I am very active in various areas of life, but somehow I do not seem to be able to do well. Currently I owe about $200,000 to various companies and persons. Some of the debts are really bad, meaning that right now they really want me to pay them back, others are ok, and they are not pushing on me.

Another problem is that currently I have absolutely no cash, and I mean really no cash at all. In fact at this point I have money for only a week or so and then it will be bad. Of course, by this I mean money for food.

However, I am not writing this so that I raise money. I am writing this so that I should everyone step by step how I am going to get out of this situation.

See, for the people around me, it is very much not imaginable that I could be having financial problems, and let me explain why it is of such surprise to these people.

On May 1st, 2006 I just started working for a big international company, making about the 5x the amount of the average monthly income in this country.

In November, 2005 I decided to be active in politics and I am becoming quite influencal and popular in my part of the city.

I still have my own company that does international business.

I used to have a band that played on the radio.

I have a lot of contacts to top politicians in my country and also to other secret service and police.

And yet, even though I do not spend any money, I am having financial problems. I live with all the kids in a very tiny two bedroom apartment, and I don't own anything.

So this is shortly about me. In the future blogs, I am going to describe and than write about in detail in all of the areas of politics, business, secret business, media and power.

And Why? Because I think there is something special in me! But not only in me, but in everyone, the key is to find the secret that unlocks your potential, and hopefully through my blog entries, this will help the reader.

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